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Here at Renewal Body Contouring, our patients are everything. We take remarkable care and pride in supplying our clients with the best attentive, hands-on care feasible, in a safe and peaceful environment. Founded by Dr. Jason Miller, Renewal has gone to terrific lengths to assemble a team that is both highly qualified, and always puts the needs of their patients as top priority.

Liposuction is one of the most desired plastic surgery treatments today.

Though fairly effective, conventional liposuction may be a little scary as it is quite invasive in nature. It typically calls for the use of a general anesthesia. This can often result in excessive bruising and sometimes further issues and/or need for return visits. Thankfully, now there is a new technology that provides better results with practically none of the worry. That technology is called Smartlipo Triplex™

Where conventional liposuction depends on the ripping and tearing of fat cells and fibrous tissue so as to remove it, Smartlipo Triplex is a powerful laser technological innovation that delicately liquefy those troublesome fat deposits. And because the technique is more gentle, only a local anesthetic is needed to numb the immediate area, permitting a much safer surgery with far less risk for issue.

At Renewal Body Contouring, we only use the most advanced SmartLipo Triplex technology for all our body contouring treatments, allowing for a faster, less painful procedure with a much faster recovery and wonderful results. Each patient will also undergo our trusted TriContour Body Sculpting process; a method that incorporates three steps to carefully eliminate the desired fat deposits, and give you a smooth, natural result.

Renewal TriContour Treatment Process™

Step 1: Ensuring Comfort. Tiny incisions are made in areas that will later be hidden by a bikini. Numbing solution (tumescent anesthesia) is infused into the areas of undesirable fat. This is allowed to sit for a couple of minutes to assure maximal comfort.

Step 2: Fat Melting. The Smartlipo Triplex laser is used to melt away fat in the specified treatment area. A special blend of wavelengths allows for the gentle removal of the fat as well as stimulates collagen development which gradually tightens the skin.

Step 3: Fat Elimination. The melted fat is eliminated using the MicroAire PAL and delicate aspiration to massage the fat out of the body.

Renewal is among the only centers in the state to specifically offer this sophisticated Laser Lipolysis approach, and the only center to combine this technological innovation with a surgeon who has advanced training in artistic, hi definition and dynamic body sculpting strategies.

Renewal SmartLipo Technology

Since its FDA approval in 2006, SmartLipo laser lipolysis has quickly become the most requested cosmetic treatment offered. And with the introduction of SmartLipo TriplexTM, it has become more technically advanced than ever before.

SmartLipo Triplex laser lipolysis utilizes cutting edge laser techniques to liquefy fatty deposits ... While liquefying the fatty and fibrous tissue, the laser concurrently stimulates collagen development which leads to decreased skin laxity. The mixture of wavelengths provided with the Triplex produces offers better results with less discomfort and less downtime.

The development of SmartLipo Triplex allows the use of three laser wavelengths (1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm) to be used separately or uniquely blended using the MultiPlex technology. The 1440nm wavelength alone has a 40x greater immersion rate in fatty tissue than that of other diode lasers (924nm and 980nm) available.

The Triplex technology also comes equipped with Thermaguide temperature monitoring capabilities which avoids burns and other complications linked with traditional laser lipolysis techniques.

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