LipoSelection is our most basic fat removal procedure. The treatment utilizes the advanced Smartlipo Triplex technology to melt away undesirable fat and tighten the surrounding skin. This is the most frequent laser lipolysis method uses to eliminate fat from patients. At Renewal, we only use the most advanced technology available for our liposelection treatments, thereby reducing bruising and speeding up the healing process. The treatment is done at our facility solely under local anesthesia, eliminating the increased risk associated with general anesthesia (as is typically used in traditional liposuction).

TriContour™ Process:

Step 1: Ensuring Comfort. Small incisions are made in areas that will later be hidden by a bikini. Numbing solution (tumescent anesthesia) is infused into the areas of unwanted fat. This is allowed to sit for a few minutes to ensure maximal comfort.

Step 2: Fat Melting. The Smartlipo Triplex laser is used to melt away fat in the area. A special blend of wavelengths allows for gentle removal of the fat and also stimulates collagen production which over time tightens the skin.

Step 3: Fat Elimination. The melted fat is removed using the MicroAire PAL and gentle aspiration to massage the fat away from the body.

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LipoSelection results

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